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Made with dehydrated or crushed blueberries, honey, and our chick pea flour. These are simple, high in antioxidants, and deliciously sweetened with raw honey.


**Due to current shortages on products, we are having a hard time staying consistent with the blueberries that we use and because of this, different brands create slightly different looking dough. Your treats may look similar or slightly different than any of the pictures above.**  


4 oz bag. 

Treats will last in the bag at room temperature for 1 week but will stay freshest in the fridge or freezer. Treats will last in freezer for 6+ months.


**Current processing time (time before your order is shipped) is 6-10 days and shipping time (time it takes for you to receive your package) is 2-4 days.**

Blueberry Honey