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***Orders placed before November 18th will ship out November 22nd at the earliest. Orders placed after November 18th will ship out by November 28th***


We all love counting down the days until Christmas and now you can do it with your dog too! 24 mini treats for each day leading up to Christmas day.


No need to refrigerate or freeze!



Chickpea flour (gluten free), applesauce, honey, and cinnamon. Frosting is a non fat, sugar free yogurt based product with human grade food colorings.

***Each package is shipped Priority which is 2-3 days in the mail. We also offer Express which is 1-2 days. This is NOT THE SAME as a processing time. A processing time is the time between you placing an order and us putting it in the mail. Once your package ships that is when Priority or Express mail is applied. Please be aware of this if you are needing a "last minute" order.***

Howliday Advent Calendar Treats